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UIDAI Card (Commonly known as Aadhar Card) is crucial for every Indian as it is an important identity card with all of the information of a user. In this post, we’ll be telling you exactly what is uidai and how can you use www.uidai.gov.in website for generating your aadhaar card.


The government of India introduced UIDAI Card quite a few yeards ago, but many people are registering for such cards today also. I am writing this article so that I can help you to know your www.uidai.gov.in card status. And after knowing your uidai status, you can easily download the eaadhaar and use it for the purposes.

What is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)?

Apparently, Uidai is a body which serves to the purpose of providing a unique aadhaar number of 14 digits to each and every individual of India. The information which you provide while going through the process, is protected under the right to privacy act. Also, these details can help our government to better understand its citizens and also to formulate better laws.

www.uidai.gov.in Card Status (Check Online)

It is easy to check on the card details as there are many methods which are provided by the government so that all the methods are suitable for everyone. If you are confused let me tell you, that UIDIA Card is also known as the Aadhar card. The methods are same for both.
The method that we are going to show you in this article is the online method as most of the people use the internet today and this method is really fast too. You just need to follow the steps below correctly and you will be all good to go.

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Check UIDAI Card Status Easily:

  1. When you applied for an UIDAI Card, You would have got an enrolment number, You need to enter the number on the website. Click on the below button to reach the official website of uidai.
  2.  Now, you need to enter the date and time of enrollment. 
  3. After that, You need to solve a captcha in order to prove you are not a robot.
  4. Click on check status.
  5. After around 10-15 Seconds, You would be able to see your UIDAI Card status.
UIDAI card Status - www.uidai.gov.in card status

Click on the link above to check your card status without any issues and problems.

[email protected] (Free help!)

If you’re really facing issues then why not try to contact the officials of uidai with the help of the following details. The aadhaar card enquiry number is mentioned on our website already. If you want to send a formal email asking for particular issues then mail your query to:[email protected]


If you are facing any problems or issues regarding this topic, then feel free to comment down below and we promise to help you with www.uidai.gov.in and your uidai card.
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