How To Check E Aadhar Card Status by Eid and UID

How To Check E Aadhar Card Status By Eid And UID – You have to check Your aadhar card registration status, aadhar enrollment status, uid status to know about your enrolment. You can also Track eAadhar Enrollment status in just a few simple steps.

In this post, we will explain how to check your aadhar card status online by yourself. You have just followed some easy process to get to know that your enrollment is successful.

Aadhar is now very easy to make by just enrolling yourself at nearest aadhar centre at free of Cost.You have to submit your documents required in aadhar Card.

After Successful aadhar registration, You will receive an acknowledgement receipt provided by aadhar enrolment centre.

How To Check E Aadhar Card Status By Eid And UID

You can track aadhar card status online and offline mode. At Online by visiting uidai website and offline by sending SMS from your registered mobile number. We will explain how to check aadhar card status online and offline from your mobile phone.

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You Can follow These Easy and quick Steps To Know How To Check E Aadhar Card Status by Eid uid enrolment receipt Uidai Status:-

What Data You will be required to Check aadhar card Status:-

  1.  Enrolment ID Number (14 Digit)
  2. Date and Time Of Enrolment

You can check both details in Your enrollment receipt.


To check your Aadhar Card Status online, you need to enter your EID (Enrollment Roll) and date time. Your enrollment Id or EID can be found on the Enrollment receipt that was given to you after your Aadhar Card Enrollment. Anyways, if you have lost it, you can search your EID online.

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Steps To Check Aadhar Card Status Online By Eid –

  1. Log on to the UIDAI website – Click Here
  2. You will see Enrollment ID box on this page, Enter your ID in this box.
  3. Next, Enter Date and Time of enrollment according to the enrollment slip. Eid is the random unique number generated by the UIDAI.
  4. In next Box, Enter the security code shown in above picture.
  5. Now click On Check Status Button To Check aadhar card status of uid.

=> Check Aadhar Card Status by EID

Message After successful aadhar Enrolment Process  – 

In this case, the system will show the message something like this – “Congratulation, your Aadhaar is generated, and will be delivered soon”. It shows that your AADHAAR CARD has been generated by UIDAI and is under process to deliver your postal Address. You can check your Aadhar Card Delivery Status online on the website.

Message if aadhar Enrolment is under Process  –

If you get the message like this – “Your aadhar card is under process”, you should wait for some more time. Generally, the Aadhar Card generates within the 90 days after the enrollment.

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If recently you applied for a new Aadhar card and want to check its status then you get aadhar card current status by EID and UID which are given to you at the time of Aadhar Registration.With the help of above information, you can get enquiry about Aadhar card current status.

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