Aadhar Card Status Enquiry by Phone Numbers

For Aadhar Card Status Enquiry By Phone Numbers, you have to fill the details from your AADHAAR Card enrollment slip. The aadhar card centre will provide you Aadhar Card enrolment slip. Now, Using the 14 digits “Enrollment Number” and 14 digits “Date and Time of enrollment receipt” from the AADHAAR Card enrollment slip, you can Check AADHAR Card Status By Mobile phone number. Send an SMS “UID STATUS 1234/12345/12345” (replace Numbers with your actual 14 digits AADHAR Card enrollment number) to 51969.If you send this SMS to your registered mobile number, the UIDAI system will reply back with your AADHAR Card No. If it’s processed and ready otherwise the uid portal will only reply back the current AADHAR Card statusTo get Aadhar Status on SMS:

Send UID STATUS< 14 digit enrolment number > OR UID STATUS < 28 digit EID > on your mobile and send it to 51969

UID STATUS 12341234512345    – To 51969

UID STATUS <14 Digit EID><14 Digit DATE TIME>

Always Keep Your Enrolment Receipt With You To Enter The EID Number.To Make Sure you enter correct number and Double Check The eid number to make the process easy for you.

Aadhar Card Status Enquiry can be done in different types of ways such as you can check status Online via the Internet from Your Mobile or Computer instantly.

Aadhar Card Status Enquiry By Phone Numbers

Click Here To Check Aadhar Card Status Online 

You can also Check Aadhar card status through SMS and on call to a toll-free number dedicated to Aadhar status related Services. Aadhar Card Status Enquiry phone number has not only made the process of tracking the status of Aadhar card simple but also faster and ensuring error-free details directly from the database. In This

In This post, you will know how to check aadhar card status online and offline methods.

 Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Tollfree Number – 1800-300-1947

  • Once You register yourself for aadhar card or uid card You have to Check aadhar card status for confirmation purpose.
  • Many Aadhar card applicants are facing trouble to Check their aadhar card status online.
  •  They have several issues regarding aadhar data not show in the system or incorrect details etc.
  • In order to get Aadhar card status, you should have receipt of an Enrollment ID which helps in tracking the status of your application.
  • Even if you have lost your Enrolment ID, you can get it through an aadhar online portal for free.  Click here to find your Aadhar card EID.
  • Also, You can check aadhar card status by using the EID that is printed on your acknowledgement receipt. And if your EID Slip with Enrollment ID is lost?
  • For this, Here’s a simple way to find it: It may not be that easy to say but we suggest you write an email to UIDAI at  [email protected]  or use this  Aadhar card status enquiry Tollfree number – 1800-300-1947 throughout India.
  • The above mentioned Aadhaar card status enquiry phone number which is a toll-free number can be reached from anywhere in India. It serves Many people every day and is an ultimate customer service initiative by UIDAI Portal.

 Download Aadhar Card Eaadhar After check Aadhar Card Status

By Using Uidai Portal, AADHAR card download process is now just a click away. Also, You can now download AADHAR Card duplicate copy, EAADHAR card, through UIDAI portal online. If your AADHAAR card is lost/misplaced OR if you have not yet received your AADHAAR card but have already received the SMS confirmation that your AADHAARcard is processed successfully, you can

If your AADHAR card is lost or misplaced and if you have not yet received your AADHAAR card by post, but you have already received the SMS confirmation that your AADHAR card is generated successfully. you can

That’s Good sign and now you can download AADHAR card duplicate copy online. The downloaded EAADHAR card copy has the same validity as the original Uid Card.

E-AADHAAR Card will be accepted as a valid Identification Document and Residential proof wherever you applied.

Documents Required For E Aadhar Card Download Online 

  • Aadhar Enrolment Receipt  or
  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Registered Mobile Number For Verification

To Download AADHAAR card  Duplicate copy, you will require having the details from the enrollment receipt that was given to you at the time of aadhar enrolment. If your AADHAAR Card enrolment slip or acknowledgement receipt is lost.

Earlier, in starting there was no system in for AADHAR Card Download by Name.But now as technology grows, Uidai generated a new portal to check AADHAAR card status by name and download e-AADHAR card by name online. For download AADHAAR card with Your name, click here: AADHAAR card download by name.

If you have your AADHAAR number or if you have the AADHAR card EID  slip that was given to you at the time of Enrolment.You have to follow the instructions to download AADHAAR card Duplicate Copy online.

  • Go to the e-AADHAR online portal.
  • Enter your registration details (Enrollment No. and Date time, Resident Name and Pincode) from the AADHAAR enrolment slip.
  • Or if you have your AADHAAR Card number, select the “Aadhaar” button from “I have” option at the top.
  • To Check AADHAR Card online portal for EAADHAAR  download, click here: e-AADHAAR UIDAI Portal.
  • In the Next Step, UIDAI  will you sent you an  OTP (One Time Password) message through SMS to your registered mobile phone to download e-AADHAAR card.

Note – According to UIDAI notice the new E Aadhar PDF password will be of 8 characters which are the combination of first Four letter of your name in capital letter and your Year of Birth.

  • If your Name – SATISH KUMAR and Year of Birth – 1990 Then Password = SATI1990
  • If your Name – JAI SINGH and Year of Birth – 1995 then Password = JAIS1995
  • If your Name – RIA and Year of Birth – 1980 then Password = RIA1980
  • If your Name – P.KUMAR and Year of Birth – 1990 then Password = P.KU1990

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